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The nature of the discussion thread means that anyone may go back and read through all of the posts dating back to the start of "Time" (an activity known as "Blitzing"), although it has grown to such a size that doing so has become quite the intensive undertaking.

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I know I’ll need more money, and that I need to hustle even MORE than I was before (I just lost ,000 a year for crying out loud), but I’m feeling pretty damn positive about things. Jay loves talking about money, collecting coins, blasting hip-hop, and hanging out with his three beautiful boys. I mean this more than ever: Good luck, Rockstar entrepreneur! And you are going to do so, so well in your new venture.

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Carlson shares one typical dilemma: “My boyfriend gets tickets to a [Minnesota] Vikings game, but they’re in a section where I can’t sit. ” then answers her own question: “I say, ‘don’t feel bad, baby, just go out and have fun and we’ll get together later tonight.’” Typically able-bodied partners quickly develop “access antennae,” to use Linton’s apt phrase.