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I always report that kind of comments, messages or posts, but it is just me. You Tube never take down nazi videos and when I report them they say "They are not breaking our conditions." But they spread lies and hate, and make people take violent actions against Jews. I also try to be a good person every day since I am frequently the only Jew some people knows.

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The purpose of the notification was to make these individuals aware of the circumstances of the Home Secretary’s decision and enable them to “participate fully in the subsequent debates on the issue.”[38] The Home Secretary was also tolay a statement before Parliament within two days of issuing the order, or as soon as practicable that he/she was satisfied the points on which legal advice was sought were met, and may have also included any other information he/she believeed to be appropriate, such as the terrorist threat level facing the UK.[39] The statement was not to include “the name of any person then detained under section 41 of the Terrorism Act 2000 or any material that might have prejudiced the prosecution of any person.”[40] Once the order was placed before Parliament, it would have continued in force for seven days, after which period it would have lapsed unless approved by resolution by each House of Parliament.